Thursday, June 28, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Stela's Birthday Prank
This picture was taken June 28, 2007 9:57 PM. The year before while Stela and her family were in California we removed everything out of her room, except for her bed frame with a Bible placed in the middle. We figured it would be a big pain because you know when you're coming back from vacation you can't wait to sleep in you own bed. 

We had to top that so we had Sister Norma call Stela and tell her off for encouraging Lorena, the girl in the black shirt to get an abortion. Stela had no idea what Norma was talking about which apparently made Stela cry because she was so rude to her. Later that night Lorena showed up at Stela's house asking if she could spend the night because her parents kicked her out. The rest of us were hiding on the porch listening. Lorena acted all paranoid and asked Stela what the noises were on the porch. Stela just dismissed it thinking it was the dogs. Lorena finally convinced her to look outside and there we were with a birthday cake. It was me, Jessica, Lorena, Alex and my brother who showed up later for cake. I'm pretty sure this was for her 16th birthday. 

Here's a video of her reaction. It's kind of long and probably only funny to me. It contains a lot of giggling and bad words. 

I got the idea for Throwback Thursday from a blog I follow. Just two in love...
I have tons of pictures and thought it would be a fun way to reminisce.

Just a side note I've always hated the word THROWBACK, but throwback thursday is a good alliteration so I'm keeping that title.

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  1. Here are some FB comments I wanted to include from the people that were in on this prank.

    Lola Rivera posted toPriscilla Angulo
    June 29
    it won't let me comment you back but omh,, memory lane I love us we were awesome we always have been lol we need a reunion love and miss you all...... best prank ever!!!! ;)

    Norma Rivera I forgot I was in on it, lol!!
    June 30 at 12:14am · Unlike · 1