Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Calendar of Love & Gratitude

My boss gave me a calendar for Christmas, since I already have two at my desk I thought I'd hang it at home and use it  as a tool to stay positive and share my gratitude throughout the month by writing my thoughts on the monthly image. 

I hung it behind the bathroom door because it's a private place where you always have time to read and reflect. Maybe it's a fresh new year or me being nice and resisting the negative that are making things at home enjoyably comforting and fun. 

The three things I've written so far this month are about my husband taking care of me while I've been sick, he warmed up my car before work, and he made omelets for breakfast on Saturday. We don't always take the time to thank each other so I wanted a low-key way to let him to know that I notice and appreciate him. 

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