Friday, January 25, 2013

Slippery Day in Northern Utah

I heard on the news that we would be getting freezing rain, I questioned what freezing rain was, you know how some rain water feels warm, I assumed this meant the water was going to be freezing cold. I didn't actually think it meant that when it hits anything it would instantly freeze. That’s what happened here! I've never seen anything like it. Everyone at work was being over dramatic not wanting to leave for lunch because, “their cars were frozen to the ground,” I’M SURE! Anyway, I had things to do so I ventured out. It was dangerous, but I’m glad I got to go out and see this phenomenon of freezing rain.
Everything turned to ice. Cars had a thin sheet of ice and icicles hanging off that looked like a beards. Streets and parking lots became skating rinks. Unfortunately we saw a lady fall in our work parking lot. Remember you have to distribute your body weight and walk like a penguin.

When I got home Jose was recording as I got out of my car and skating to the door. Our driveway is completely iced over. 

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