Friday, January 20, 2012

Born to Shop, No Thank You.

As you may have learned from a previous post about the grocery store, I'm not that into shopping, but lately I've been on a spending spree. It's so easy to spend money so I had to lock myself up last weekend, at least until Monday came because I had a coupon for Express to get $25 off of $75. I've been needing more business casual pants for work because some days are just too cold for a dress. My friend recommended Express because of the quality and thickness of the pants. Thick is right, thick in price. One pair for $80. OK so I wanted to be smart and get more bang for my buck. I went to the clearance racks. I found 4 items, none of them pants. I just have a thing for dresses. I feel like they are very professional and sexy. Plus, pants are a pain for me because I'm too short and always have to hem them.

Continuing on, I got up to the counter and the boy said I couldn't use the coupon on clearance items. He said he would have done it for me anyway, but he just got in trouble for doing it. I liked the dresses so much I didn't care. They were on clearance so that made me feel better.

New dresses meant I may need new shoes and definitely a sweater because unfortunately a lot of dresses are made without sleeves. I found two pair of shoes and got distracted and bought a new shower curtain, bathroom rugs and new curtains for my living room. The surprise was I found a gift card from when we got married over a year ago to Bed Bath and Beyond, it had $50.00 on it.

I pictured wearing this dress with a salmon colored sweater, but I had no luck finding one. 
These may be scary, kinda high. They were only $12 though. 
It was time for a new one. The one we had was like 4 years old.
These memory foam rugs feel so good on the feet. I recommend them.