Thursday, January 5, 2012


The past two days I've been really mean to my body. I've subjected it to a lot pain in a very short period of time. This post may be TMI for most people, just be warned.

It's been a short work week for me so I had to fit everything in Wednesday and Thursday.

I'm supposed to get allergy shots every 3-5 weeks, but I forgot. When I finally remembered I was sick so I couldn't go in with a compromised immune system. Since it's been more than two months I've had to go down to a lower dose, more often. I have to go once a week for the next six weeks without missing a week or DEATH! No, not really death, but I'll complicate everything so it's better just to follow orders. I got one shot in each arm, waited thirty minutes and was on my way. I consider this pain to my body because I'm injecting something foreign into it. I'm usually against that sort of thing, but I feel like they've helped me so I'll continue.

My work was sponsoring a blood drive and I always donate because it's one of the easiest ways to help someone. Just recently my grandmother had to have a blood transfusion and I appreciate the person who took the time to donated and help her. As usual everything went normal until afterward. I've never felt pain after, but this time my arm hurts. I'd describe the feeling as a pain you'd feel after being punched in the arm or exercising. Nothing unbearable, just annoying.

I decided to end my day by subjecting myself to extreme pain. I had some extra money I got for Christmas so I thought why not get a bikini and eyebrow wax. It's been awhile so I must have forgotten how painful it is. I paid $35 to be tortured.

I had four wisdom teeth removed today. It started out with NOS(nitrous oxide). I remember my co-worker advising me to inhale deeply and enjoy. The dentist started numbing me up. I enjoy watching all of the procedures, so in the needles went. It hurt more than just getting a shot for a cavity. After one on each side I thought to myself I made it through that part. The dentist told me otherwise. It's 2 shots per side, so 4 more to go. The laughing gas was starting to kick in, the shots really hurt, but in my mind I could only think about how it was nothing compared to the bikini wax. That dumb thought gave me the urge to laugh, but I tried so hard to hold it in. I wasn't about to explain to the dentist what was so funny. 

The top, left came out quick and easy since it had already broken through the gum. The top right and bottom left came out fairly easy too. The dentist said out loud how easy it was, but then stopped himself because he didn't want to jinx it. It was too late, the last tooth gave him a challenge. He had to shave off part of the tooth next to it to get it out. He started sweating from trying so hard. Even though I was numb I could still feel the pressure and it hurt a little. After I got to go hang out at my parent's house while they took care of me. The pain comes and goes, but the pain pills are definitely helping. 

I have the next 3 days off and I promise to take it easy and be nice to my body. 

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