Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lunch & Crisp Air for Dessert

Two posts in one day, if you can’t tell, work is slow. It finally stopped snowing so I convinced myself to walk to lunch rather than drive because I’m sick of sitting on my ass. I stopped at Planned Parenthood for some contraceptives and was behind four other people. There was a very anxious girl who told the staff she was in a hurry and just needed pills. I sympathized because how hard is it to hand out pills and let people be on their way, but they said no, sit down and wait your turn. This girl was tapping her foot and tossing magazines around when they called me up. She grunted deeply because I came in after her but was helped before her. She was pacing so much that I moved over because I felt like she was going to push her way past me for attention. Goes to show you shouldn't get attitude with people if you want help.

I stopped at a recently opened restaurant called Woody’s BBQ. I was expecting a fast casual restaurant, but it was sit-down style. I ordered the lunch baby back ribs that included garlic bread and two sides for $8.99. With their good price, speedy service, and tasty food I'll likely go back.    

It's a chilly 27 degrees but very beautiful. I am so in love with the snow.  

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  1. 27 degrees is similar to where i live. i'm new year on your blog, stopping by from Hanna's blog.