Saturday, December 1, 2012

Husband's In Need of Some Space

I'm starting to get the feeling I've been left. In my last post I mentioned how my husband rode his motorcycle to California. The day he was packing I was joking around with him that he was leaving because he's had enough of me.
Something just feels wrong. I had lunch with my friend Ashley on Thursday for a good three hours of chit chat and sushi. He called at least 10 times. I had my phone tucked away in my purse because I think it's rude to be on the phone when someone is deep in conversation with you. I called him back, just to get hung up on after I explained why I didn't answer. Since then he won't talk to me. It's really unlike him. I feel like the tables have turned because it's usually me that gets mad and takes some space. 
I can't stop thinking about him and trying to figure out what I did, but if he's not going to be courteous enough to tell me I'll just stop bugging him until he's ready. I have a few ideas of why he's having this "breakdown," I just wish we weren't so far apart so I could talk to him and reassure him that life is tough, but it'll be okay.


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    1. Thanks. I'll be fly out there on Thursday so we'll be able to spend some time together and talk.