Friday, December 21, 2012

Well today has been…

As Christmas creeps closer I get more and more excited but it seems like little things keep popping up to bring my mood down.

#1 Today my brother booked himself into jail to serve a 60 day sentence. It sucks, but honestly it could be worse. He gets work release so he won’t lose his job, it’s only 60 days, and it’s one step closer to getting his shit taken care of. It’s mostly a downer because my mom is “devastated,” especially because he won’t be around for Christmas. I don’t have kids, so maybe I can’t relate, but I think we should focus on showing him positive support, not making it about us or making him feel shittier than he already does. So there’s that.

#2 The bosses were a little annoyed with me and my co-worker for overlooking a mistake on a Schedule A we sent out. It’s a super easy fix, but the sales man is dramatic so we’re guessing that’s what stressed my boss out the most. Either way, I found it hard to get bitched at, then get together and exchange secret Santa gifts. I got exactly what I asked for, an Amazon gift card to buy Kindle books.

I pampered myself today thanks to an old classmate who posted on Facebook that her spa was in need of pedicure and manicure models. I was able to get a luxury manicure for 70% off. Tomorrow I have an appointment to get my hair trimmed and eyebrows waxed.

I’m glad it’s Friday. I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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