Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ms. Chauffeur

My husband finally returned from his 19 day getaway. I spent 5 of those days with him so the time didn't seem so long. It felt funny going to visit my own husband, kind of like dating where you don't get to see each other every day and you have to communicate by telephone, making the reunion sweet. Dating seems like it was long ago so it was a fun feeling. 

To keep that fun feeling I decided to role play and pick him up from the airport dressed as a chauffeur. I've always wanted someone to pick me up holding a sign with my name on it so I thought why not trying being on the other end of my fantasy. Not sure I really captured the look of chauffeur, but it was fun nonetheless. He had the biggest(maybe embarrassed) smile on his face and we just laughed. 

I also wanted the chance to wear these new boots I found at Kohl's for $16. 

Have I mentioned in my next life I want to be a cowgirl, a tough, rugged one?  

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