Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grateful For My Rights

It's crazy to think there was a time when women weren't consider equal to men when it came to voting. I'm grateful to be a Chicana who uses her right to vote. 

I voted today for many reasons, number one being that it's a privilege that not everyone has. I have friends and family who are very involved in furthering their education, uplifting their community and building a strong future for their families, but they don't have a voice in the election yet. 

I was so anxious yesterday thinking about the election. The only way I could calm myself was to meditate in prayer that the right person would be selected. It's relieving to know that after today a decision will be announced.

While reviewing each candidates' plan I couldn't help but get emotional when I read the immigration section. Many of my friends came here as children and America is all they know. Many have bachelors degrees and can't work because they don't have that 9-digit number. Our young people deserve the chance to contribute their talents to this country. 

Next topic of interest that really gets me is all the negativity towards LGBTQ rights like same sex marriage and the right to have children. Seriously if you've ever been in love could you imagine someone telling you what's acceptable in your relationship. You wouldn't stand for it. Everyone deserves love so please have an accepting heart. 

Finally, my health decisions are mine! I have been going to Planned Parenthood ever since I made the decision to be sexually responsible. Everything I stand for has to do with health prevention. Limited access to health care and preventative measures like birth control, mammograms, and other screenings would hinder progress in early detection and family planning. Back off! 

I know there are many other issues, but these are a few that really matter to me. I hope you get out and exercise your rights today. 

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