Saturday, November 10, 2012

Patty & Fabian's Wedding

It was fun to dress up and go out to Jose's cousin's wedding tonight. It was a small family wedding at the church.  I think it's funny that we call and recognize a church that we don't even belong to as "the church." I guess it's because I grew up in it and we have a lot of friends and family who are affiliated with it. 

Anyway, I love going to weddings and hearing about what it means to be a married couple. It's always a reminder of why I made the commitment I did. I'm happy we got to celebrate this special day with Patty and Fabian. The best surprise was seeing my niece. It broke my heart that she was scared of my husband the whole time, but at the end she finally gave him a chance to play with her. 

Brother Jose Luis

Mother of the bride, Baby Axel, Patty,  & Father of the bride

The tias working hard in the kitchen

Jessenia y Issac

Aaron y Axel


She only wanted her Nana

Jessenia y Damaris

Toast from the mother of the bride

Toast from the father of the bride

Tia Maria y Jose Carlos

Ruth, Maria, Me, & Martha

Jessenia & Henry

Hanky, Me & Jose

Papi y Janeece



Janny looks pissed

Cute Bunny

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