Friday, November 9, 2012

Time Zone Troubles

In my research and methods class we are supposed to interview two people about their decision to attend graduate school. The two people I chose are not in my timezone. One is in Chicago at Northwestern University and the other is in Cambridge, MA at Harvard Divinity School. I'm really excited to hear about their experience in deciding to go to grad school. These are two people I met at church and have known for quite awhile. I love that we're all out doing our thing in grad school.

 I've had some poor communication with Janae she emailed me Wednesday to set up a time for "tomorrow." I read it Thursday and didn't pay attention to what date the email was sent so I thought "tomorrow" meant Friday. After getting that straight here we are on Friday and we said 5 PM EST. I thought that was 2 PM Utah time. Wrong again! I'm just glad I was early, and didn't leave her hanging AGAIN. She proposed we use Google Video Chat. I've never tried it, but after looking into it I think it seems really neat.

For the past few months I've been assuming Chicago is 2 hours ahead, but good thing I had this experience that lead me to double check. They're only 1 hour ahead.  We're going to use Facebook video calling, which I haven't tried either. I hope the interview with Luis goes smooth. 

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