Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Than Just A Loss of Twinkies

Friday while so many were concerned about no longer being able to buy Twinkies, 18,5000 Hostess employees lost their jobs. Here in the local area 600 were laid off from the Ogden plant including one of my cousins and two uncles.

My family has had a long working history with the Ogden plant starting with my dad who was there for 18 years, my Tio Nato, Tio Poncho, Angel, Tiffany M., Tiffany V., Randy, and Kiki.

When I think of Wonder Bread I think of my childhood. I remember the smell of my dad coming home smelling like bread and sweat, yayas between his toes(maybe I only remember this because they tell me I would clean the fuzz out when he got home). I remember we always had bread in the house and buns for parties. My dad would hardly ever bring Hostess things home because they're not healthy for you, and now I can appreciate that.  My favorite were Raspberry Filled Donuts and the Chocolate Frosted Mini Donettes.

I can't imagine how scary it is to have a family to care for and lose your job. I hope those laid off are able to find work soon.

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